Workshop Values clarification exercises and Forum Play

Dit is één van de workshops die je kan volgen tijdens de boekvoorstelling "Lesgeven over duurzame ontwikkeling: ethische en politieke uitdagingen" (14 november 2019, Gent).

De voertaal van deze workshop is Engels.

2C Values clarification exercises and Forum Play (Pernilla Andersson)

This workshop presents two methods for engaging with the ethical and political dimension of environmental and sustainability education in our teaching practice. ‘Four corners’ is a values-clarification exercise where students are invited to take a stand regarding a complex or controversial issue by moving physically in the classroom. The exercise offers students opportunities to listen to different perspectives, verbally communicate their own perspectives and think critically. Accordingly, the exercise can be used as a way to clarify different and conflicting perspectives on sustainability issues. In this way, it offers a way to politicise approaches to address sustainability issues.

‘Forum play’ is a variation of the Forum Theatre created by Augusto Boal as part of what he called "Theatre of the Oppressed". Forum play is a kind of role-play with the purpose to process injustices and conflicts between groups and individuals. The audience is invited to take active part and reflect about different individuals’ alternative courses for action and the aim is to explore how oppressed individuals  can have an influence in particular situations. A teaching approach inspired by Forum play can facilitate a space where students can experiment and explore different strategies or decisions in a strive to turn something found un-sustainable into something more sustainable.

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