Workshop Teacher moves: ethical moves

Dit is één van de workshops die je kan volgen tijdens de boekvoorstelling "Lesgeven over duurzame ontwikkeling: ethische en politieke uitdagingen" (14 november 2019, Gent).

De voertaal van deze workshop is Engels.

2A Teacher moves: Ethical moves (Katrien Van Poeck, Leif Östman & Johan Öhman)

This workshop focuses on how teachers can influence students’ ethical and moral learning and, in particular, on how they can promote students’ growth as moral subjects in environmental and sustainability education (ESE) practice.

We will describe, illustrate and discuss a variety of ‘ethical moves’, i.e. actions performed by a teacher that open-up a space for articulating moral reactions and deliberating on ethical opinions.

By performing such moves, we will show, teachers can turn students’ moral experiences into fruitful drivers for pluralistic ESE by enabling students to express and share moral experiences and standpoints, to articulate ethical differences and controversies and to reflect and deliberate on moral reactions and dilemmas.

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