Workshop Sustainability and wicked sustainability problems

Dit is één van de workshops die je kan volgen tijdens de boekvoorstelling "Lesgeven over duurzame ontwikkeling: ethische en politieke uitdagingen" (14 november 2019, Gent).

De voertaal van deze workshop is Engels.

1 A Sustainability and wicked sustainability problems (Thomas Block & Erik Paredis)

In this workshop, the content of sustainable development teaching is the central focus. ‘Sustainability’ and ‘transition’ are popular and often used concepts. However, this omnipresence also leads to a diversity of interpretations and misunderstandings about their meaning.

This workshop examines four common misunderstandings about sustainable development and sustainability transitions:
(1) ‘Sustainability is about ecological concerns’;
(2) ‘We need a waterproof and objective definition of sustainability’;
(3) ‘Every change leads to a transition’;
and (4) ‘We can easily plan and manage sustainability transitions’.

Starting from concrete examples and a typology of sustainability problems, we will also address how factual uncertainty (scientific controversy) and disagreement on values and norms (ethical and political controversy) bring about specific challenges for knowledge production about sustainability problems and possible solutions. Seeking inspiration in proposals for new approaches to science such as ‘post-normal science’, we explore the ethical and political challenges involved in sustainable development teaching and engage with the question what it could mean to design ‘post-normal education’ for dealing with wicked sustainability problems where facts are uncertain, values in dispute, stakes high and decisions urgent.

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