Workshop Handling political emotions in the classroom

Dit is één van de workshops die je kan volgen tijdens de boekvoorstelling "Lesgeven over duurzame ontwikkeling: ethische en politieke uitdagingen" (14 november 2019, Gent).

De voertaal van deze workshop is Engels.

2 B Handling political emotions in the classroom (Ásgeir Tryggvason)

This workshops deals with how to handle ‘political emotions’ in our teaching practice. When discussing sustainability issues in the classroom, heated emotions and conflicts between students can arise. But discussions about sustainability issues can also lack both engagement and emotional involvement from the students, even when the teacher brings up what s/he thinks is a burning sustainability issue.

A crucial question is then how to approach emotions in ESE in a non-instrumental way and where the political dimension of emotions can be put to the fore. We will present and discuss two strategies to teach with and through political emotions in environmental and sustainability education. The first strategy is simplification which simplifies the complexity and the conflictual aspect of sustainability issues. When a classroom discussion is characterised by an emotional indifference or a lack of engagement, simplification is a strategy to approach this indifference.

The second strategy is circulation, which is a way to maintain the intensity of emotions, or to (re)orientate them toward other objects and issues. When emotions run high in a discussion, circulation is a strategy to approach these emotions as productive elements of a vibrant environmental and sustainability education.

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