Workshop Classroom discussions on sustainability issues

Dit is één van de workshops die je kan volgen tijdens de boekvoorstelling "Lesgeven over duurzame ontwikkeling: ethische en politieke uitdagingen" (14 november 2019, Gent).

De voertaal van deze workshop is Engels.

1 B Classroom discussions on sustainability issues (Karin Rudsberg & Johan Öhman)

This workshop focuses on students’ learning through argumentation in classroom discussions. We present a framework to understand arguments in classroom discussions as consisting of different elements and how this framework can be used by teachers to assess whether and how students make progress with respect to the quality of their argumentation.

Drawing on empirical examples we clarify questions that are important for teachers to think about in relation to students’ learning, their use of knowledge and the importance of peer interactions. Research shows that argumentation can be a fruitful method in the teaching of complex, value-related issues. In argumentation, the students not only learn and use content knowledge, but also learn how to formulate valid arguments in order to participate in deliberative discussions. We will discuss how teachers have an important role to play with regard to the quality and diversity of the deliberation.