Ecocampus (English)

Ecocampus, a program of the Flemish government, makes a considerable effort in supporting sustainable tertiary education. Sustainable tertiary education embeds the ecological, economical and social principles and practices of sustainable development into it's core mandates. 

Sustainable development is a story of opportunities. Of creativity and innovation. Of different ways of organizing and having the courage to think out of the box. New ways of understanding and exchanging with the world and are essential. Students today need to fully experience this. They will shape our future. Educators and researchers need a stimulating environment.

Ecocampus focuses on educators, researchers and students. They need to be able to use sustainable development as a compas in their day-to-day activities. Now and in the future. What is sustainable today, might not be sustainable tomorrow. In this context of uncertainty, teachers, researchers and students have to work and learn. That's why Ecocampus believes that sustainability isn't about transmitting uncontroversial knowledge or indoctrination with perfect, sustainable actions. It is about creating space in which teachers, researchers and students can study and experiment with sustainability challenges.

This is our offer in English:

Sustainability in higher education research

Have a look at the 12-minute video Sustainability in Research, an Answer to Wicked Problems: four Flemish researchers and policy directors share their views on the meaning and use of sustainability in higher education research.

It builds on previous work by Ecocampus and its partners, and will be further explored in an upcoming webinar with professor Thomas Block on 07.12.2016 at 3 PM CET which will be available here:

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the video. Drop us an email or comment on the Youtube-page.

Video: 'Education in Flux'

This is a video about how education can familiarise students with the changing society. The video introduces the viewers to the key competences for sustainable development. In a short 2 minutes 30 seconds, the viewer learns about systems thinking and the anticipatory, normative, strategic and interpersonal competences. The goal of the video is to challenge teachers to reflect on what these mean for their practice.


Reference Framework

Reference Framework on sustainable higher education: 'Designing the unknown'

On request, a team of international researchers created this publication as theoretical framework for sustainable tertiary education. The publication provides a view on several concepts like sustainable development, sustainable tertiary education, barriers, and ways forward. Following a short summary in Dutch, the remainder of the publication is written in English.

Good practices

Sustainability in education 

Ecocampus collected a number of interesting good practices in Flanders on sustainability in education. The practices range from examples of integration in bachelor and master programs; to teacher training; to networks; to hands-on instruments and guidebooks; to projects. In collaboration with the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC), Ecocampus translated these practices to English.

Team Ecocampus